PS 15 Wins Recycling Contest!

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Our school and rooftop garden are located in the Lower East Side of NYC, at-us we began by noticing the skyline, discussed how it has changed over time, and students wondered how future buildings might look They researched green architecture, rooftop gardens, vertical garden walls, Cities are designing buildings for a greener future Most of cur st-dents live in the projects at-us were excited to create buildings they wR3uId like to live in, with more green space, gardens and innovative materials We discussed sustainability; and Cities can use space, water; and plants to contribute to the quality of air food, and life Students learned gardens can flourish in urban environments, and urban realities can be fused with green dreams They researched green buildings, drafted blueprints, and learned how to organize and carry out a recycling campaign The buildings were constructed by students, teachers, parents, and volunteers Students grew plants and added them and others to the models to what they look Ike With creative green areas. The school community has responded with praise and support We would use the prize money to create planters outside cur building to brighten cur school and neighborhood.

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