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New Maker Space

We are in the process of setting up a brand new Maker Space complete with a 3D printer, computers, sewing machines, robots, silk screening materials, and all types of manipulatives that students can use to discover and create.  A Maker Space provides opportunities for students to bring their imagination to life through exploration and creativity.  For example, students can use Maker materials along with coding software to make potatoes play music, create their own simple machines, and create objects that solve real world problems. This creates inquisitive learners who are prepared for college and many different career options. Our new Maker Space has been generously funded by Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and a competitive grant through Lowe's Home Improvement.  This summer we will be transforming the back portion of the library into our new Maker Space. We look forward to unveiling the new Maker Space in September 2017.

Dental Services

We are very excited to announce that we are expanding our partnership with NYU Dental to include full dental services for all of our students.  NYU Dental will be onsite weekly performing oral exams, cleanings, filling, taking x-rays, and more.  Parents will receive permission slips in September to participate and are welcome to join all appointments.  This partnership will ensure that students receive quality dental care while minimizing absences from school.  Please keep an eye out for more information.

Book Trust Partnership

PS15 will be partnering with Book Trust to provide students with FREE books for their home libraries.  Every month, students will be able to pick books from Scholastic to keep!  We are committed to ensuring that students develop a love for reading and have every opportunity to experience the world around them and get lost in the imagination and creativity found in books.  More information will follow shortly.


What happened at Coffee and Conversation?

May 2017

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for Coffee and Conversation.  They shared wonderful ideas that we hope to put into action!  Here are the main discussion points from today:

Renaming PS 15

Together we looked at some of the names we are considering for PS 15.  Among the top contenders are LEAD (Learning through Enrichment, Arts, and Discovery), RISE, and Journey. All will continue to brainstorm names that signify discovery learning, advanced technology programs, and community and family oriented environment. Stay tuned for more information. We will let you know when we begin voting for the new name.

Increasing Literacy

There are many resources available to families to ensure regular access to high quality books.  At PS 15, each student in grades K-5 have access to MyOn, an online book library, that will also read books to kids.   We are in the process of placing bookshelves in the cafeteria and auditorium with books students can read and keep.  Parents shared the following resources they have found helpful:

  • Kindle Kids is a device that will give kids access to books without the worry that they will get on other sites. Since it is made for kids, it is packaged in a durable case.  The app, Amazon Free Time, gives them access to unlimited books they can read or listen to. It was suggested that we may be able to create a partnership with Amazon to bring Kindle Kids to our students.  We will definitely be looking into that. Some programs that parents have found helpful include Khan Academy and ABC Mouse. 
  • Parents shared their experience with getting tutors for their child.  It is hard to find inexpensive tutoring services in our community.  PS 15 will work to gather resources and information for parents.  We will work on creating a new resources page on our website where this community resources and information can be posted.
  • The library has wonderful resources for children.  It was suggested that we add the library site to our computers in the lobby so that parents can go online to reserve library books.  PS 15 partners with the NYPL to ensure students have library cards.  Adding the site to our computers is a great next step!

Improving Recess

We received a suggestion to limit movie watching during recess when inclement weather keeps us indoors.  We AGREE!  We believe recess should be an active, not passive activity and we are working to offer more recess activities.  Parents who are interested in running activities during recess should contact our parent coordinator, La'Nette Murphy.

Improved Communication

We are fortunate to have both student teachers and America Reads Tutors. It was suggested that PS 15 begin to let parents know when a student teacher or America Reads tutor is assigned to their class.  This is a great idea and we will definitely implement it.

Coffee and Conversation

During Coffee and Conversation we have great discussions about what is happening at the school, questions parents have, and ideas for improving.  At PS 15 we recognize that it can always be better, no matter how great it is.  During today's session, one parent asked, "How will parents who are not here know what we discussed?"  We talked about sending home a newsletter or putting this information on the website, and that is how this page came to be.  Moving forward, we will update this webpage with information discussed at Coffee and Conversation.  


This was our last Coffee and Conversation for this school year.  Please stay tuned for new Coffee and Conversation dates and follow up notes for the 2017-2018 school year.





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