Preparing for September

Getting Ready For School

In preparation for the first day of school, below is some important information you will need to know:

  • The first day of school is on September 7, 2017
  • Kindergarten has a shortened day on the first day of school. On September 7th, kindergarteners will be dismissed at 12:45. Students will be dismissed at 4:00 on September 8th and onward.
  • Our official school hours will be 8:40 – 4:00 Monday through Friday (inclusive of renewal hour of instruction and enrichment)
  • Daily arrival will be through our main entrance on 4th Street. Since there are two schools in the building, our co-located school, P94, will use the 5th street entrance for arrivals
  • Daily dismissal will be in the auditorium, accessible through our 5th Street schoolyard.
  • Breakfast for Kindergarten through 5th grade will begin at 8:00am. Students are picked up by their classroom teachers at 8:40.
  • Students are considered officially late at 8:50. Any student arriving at 8:50 or later will need to be escorted to the main office for a late pass before going to class.
  • Breakfast in a bag is offered for all late students. If your child is late, they should stop by the cafeteria to get a breakfast in a bag.  They will be allowed to eat their breakfast in class.

Pre-K Students

  • Pre-K has shortened days the first two days as follows:
    • September 7th students will be dismissed at 11:00
    • September 8th, students will be dismissed at 12:40
  • Our official school hours for Pre-K will be 8:40 – 3:00 Monday through Friday
  • Daily arrival and dismissal will be through our main entrance on 4th Street
  • Students in Pre-K will have family style breakfast in their classroom at 8:40.
  • Pre-K students must be escorted to class by their parents.
  • All Pre-K parents will need to display their pass in order to escort students to the classroom without signing in at security. On the first day of school you will receive two passes, one for you, and one for another person who may be dropping off your child.  Each morning you must show the pass to the school safety agent. If you do not have your pass, you will need to sign in with the security agent and show a valid identification.  If you lose your pass, please immediately contact the main office or classroom teacher so that another pass may be issued.


School uniforms are currently on sale.  Sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos, and pants with the official PS 15 logo are on sale in the main office.  To purchase uniforms, please contact La’Nette Murphy at (347) 563-5278 or via email at

Families DO NOT have to purchase uniforms. You may purchase clothes at any store.  Our dress code colors are as follows:

Tops: white, navy blue, or light blue

Bottoms: navy blue or khaki

Students will be given a two-week grace period to purchase their uniforms and/or dress code clothing. If for any reason you encounter challenges with acquiring dress code clothes, please see La’Nette Murphy, our parent coordinator, for assistance.

School Supplies

For school supplies by grade, please click the links below:

Beat the Rush – Complete some of your beginning of the year forms:


Translated Emergency Contact Cards:

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