Gifted & Talented Program

The Gifted & Talented program at P.S. 15 offers students an enriching, project-based and experiential learning environment that encourages guided discovery, creative problem-solving, and exploration across reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and the arts.


Starting in kindergarten, students are encouraged to take pride and ownership in their learning and begin to make real life connections through creativity and imagination. Students explore their roles as authors, inventors, scientists, and mathematicians and are provided with the platform to ask questions, inquire, and discover new and exciting things about the world around them.


G&T students at P.S. 15 act as designers and architects in math, utilizing pattern blocks, 3-D shapes, and other math manipulatives to build architectural and interior structures; become authors as they write non-fiction chapter books on various animal groups; or inquisitive scientists, creating Venn diagrams and full scale collages to compare and contrast habitats. They also think as artists, connecting literacy and the arts, exploring abstract art, diorama construction, and creating their own textured paint.

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