What happened at Coffee and Conversation?

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October 2017


PS 15 will continue to offer playdates to families this year.  Just recently, we had our first playdate to the Children’s Museum of Art on a Saturday morning. Currently, we are offering tickets to Carnegie Hall for various cultural events.  The last event was a blast! Parents shared their interest in having a playdate for the adults as an opportunity to get away for a little while and relax. We will see what we can organize to meet this need.

Parent Engagement

We had a rich discussion about all the ways we could involve our parents.  There were many fabulous ideas, such as:

  • Offer a cookie decorating class for the holidays
  • Hold a parent and child talent show
  • Create awards for parents of children who get awards
  • Add parent photos to the TV in the lobby
  • Offer Family Fridays in the classroom where parents can join their children
  • Hold classes on what to expect when your child enters a new class
  • Offer a variety of ways that families can donate to the school (time, clothing, supplies, etc.)

Parents were interested in finding appropriate ways to come together to express their appreciation to teachers for all their hard work.

Lunch Time

Lunch is a fun time for students, but it can tend to get too loud. We talked about finding ways to reduce the noise in the cafeteria.  We will continue to problem solve around this topic.

September 2017

What a lovely turn out for our first Coffee and Conversation. Here are the main discussion points from today:

Maker Space in Action

Our Maker Space is open and students are enjoying creating and imagining in this amazing place. Parents took a tour of the Maker Space. We are looking forward to planning a Maker Space event for parents.

A CEP Goal for This Year

Our focus this year is on making sure that students are owners of their learning. Rather than pull them along, we want students to take control of their learning, make decisions, and develop the skills necessary for becoming lifelong learners.  To achieve this goal, we will be working to co-craft personal goals with students, gather feedback from students, and shift our language so that students are motivated to learn, are persistent in their efforts, and are engaged in thinking and inquiry.

Diversity Pilot for District 1

We spent time talking about the diversity efforts underway.  A new Family Resource Center  (FRC) has opened in PS 15 for all parents in the district.  The FRC will serve to ensure  families have information about all of the wonderful schools in District 1 in order to help help them make informed school choice decisions.  In addition to the FRC, the district is piloting an admissions proposal that will give priority to families that qualify for free and reduced lunch, are English language learners, and/ or live in temporary housing. For more information on this initiative, please visit the FRC website.


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